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The Ice Queen is the image of perfection associated most often with Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) aristocracy. The Ice Queen's look is about good "breeding". She wants to appear upper class, as if she were from a family with old money. There's nothing flamboyant about her. She exudes tasteful, understated wealth. Her clothes are expensive, cut with good, simple lines; they don't glitter or shine, or exhibit extremes of any kind. Her jewels are real but simple and delicate - a strand of pearls, tiny diamond stud, and a gold watch. The idea is that truly wealthy people don't need to show off with glitz; ostentation is tacky.

Grace Kelly was the quintessential Ice Queen, both on and offscreen - the cooly elegant movie star who became real life royalty. Director Alfred Hitchcock called the blonde beauty a "snow-covered volcano", refering to the tension between her outer cool and inner fire.

There's a posture and demeanor that's essential to the look : while she may be friendly, the Ice Queen maintains a certain distance. Her reserved manner is in keeping with her understated fashion. She's cool and classy, as befits her name.