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 Happy new year !




A small nod to the song by Rihanna on a phrase that opens the door to reflection on the image of our life. The bright souls a lifetime. But also inspiring if you have the soul of an artist.




It reminds me Rihanna's song of course and at the same time the sentence which says "diamonds are a girl's best friend". Women love diamond it represent a lot of things and feelings, sometimes they drive us crazy.
Diamonds still inspiring artists (singers, painters, people like you and me...).
Everyone has is own definition about what diamonds can represent for us and each stories of each person create this feelings.



New year

Life is like a chocolate box, you never no on which one you will fall down...



 rihana is a the best artist oh the world.... 
heu , no She has to arreter to sing in playback before.
but i true it's a beautifful woman and sympathic people. 



 to stop sorry



Happy New Year

Happy New Year in late best wishes for this year.
I love this song and Marylin Monroe loved diamonds too.