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Black is everywhere,
Black is the perfection.



 Yohji Yamamoto is one of my favorite fashion designer and his statements are always very interesting.

This one is very good : " I think perfection is UGLY. Somewhere in the things human make, i want to see scars, failure, disorder, distortion".
I think it's quite sincere from him and very touching in the same time.

Yamamoto has written a very good book recently (if you are looking to know more about him and his work) :

Also an interview's extract from the french newspaper L'express 

As for me, Yohji Yamamoto is one of the most important designer of the century. 

Concerning black I fully agree even if i don't consider it as a color but a shade. There is so many different black colors. Karl Lagerfeld's black is not Rick Owens or Yohji's ones. (In their collections or in their minds)
He would better start by "MY BLACK is ...."  You can not make a general statement about black, because it mainly depends from where you come from (geographically, socialy...) and who you are finaly. 




Black is a very particular color.
People wears a lot of black garments: dress, top, shoes, accessories... because at first it makes the wearer appear thinner and sophisticated.
But it evokes strong emotions and feelings too: Strenght, power, mysterious and sexy.

I think Yamamoto was right about the fact black has both feelings like modest and arrogant.
Everytime I wear black I feel strong and fragile at the same time.

For me the most mysterious color it can exist is BLACK.



The black color is deep and mysterious. Everyone can perceive it in a very personal way. There are colored black, hot black cold black... The intensity of black varies according to our own perception.
The color is easy to use, it's a rich color because it's timeless and inexhaustible. She didn't go out of fashion and enhances each person. Everyone loves the black because it knows how to seduce. It symbolizes mystery, death, elegance, luxury, nobility. It is chic. The smocking or the little black dress is very stylish ..

Yohji Yamamoto embodies the rigor of Japan. The shape of his outfits are sufficient in themselves. Cups and details are very precise and finely thought. I love the fact that he is very conceptual and has a particular approach of the fashion. The black represents here some sensuality, a search for a new aesthetic.
He works tirelessly to explore the endless possibilities of black and punctuates his collections by touches of red, blue or green, always used sparingly.





The black is not a color but an absence of color. A wave that absorbs white light contains all the colored lights.
It is a lack of color being the richest. What is paradoxical!
It takes genius like Yhoji Yamamoto, working shape with black.