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The Androgyne look displays the characteristics or nature of both male and female.

Wheter the Androgyne look is about obscuring the distinction between male and female or adopting the look of the opposite gender, it's always about playing with traditional gender roles.


Some women simply like the aesthetic or comfort of men's clothing; others use the fashion statement to express an identity that exists outside the realm of traditional male and female roles; still others identify more with maleness than with femaleness.

In the distant past, when women's roles were greatly restricted, dressing as a man was a route to freedom. As women from Civil War enlistee Sarah Emma Edmonds to stagecoach driver Charlotte (Charley) Parkhurst discovered, women disguised as men could gain access to places they were forbidden from going. They could also gain authority and power. For these reasons, certain female artists and writers have sometimes taken on androgynous guises. One of the most famous Androgynes in history was the 19th century French Author George Sand, who took a man's name in creating her quasi-male identity. Although she dressed in men's attire, she was considered extremely seductive and had liaisons with many of the most creative men of her time.