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Diva comes from the Latin word for goddess. The Diva type takes that idea to heart and expects respect for her divinity (or else). Like many looks, Diva is as much as a matter of style.

The Look is high maintenance, but the very essence of a diva is the phrase "I'm worth it". Divas want to look well taken care of. As far as fashion goes, this attitude translates into anything that looks obviously expensive. A Diva might change her style a bit after studying the latest fashion magazine, but the essential message is label-conscious, pampered, and ready for her close-up.

The original modern Divas were stars of stage ans screen, and the word "diva" is most associated with powerfull female singers, from opera to pop to hip hop. Many hip-hop Divas work a glam "ghetto-fabulous" look with outsize jewelry and a haute street sensibility. Onstage, Divas often look like over-the-top showgirls, turning up the glitz and glitter, but always in high style. The Diva wants to ensure she's the center of attention, and that desire gets kicked up a notch when there's more attention to be had. Check out the red carpet at any Hollywood awards show for a reliable display of Divaness.



For me, the most diva of all is Maria Carrey, smart, sexy, elegant with a wonderful voice !