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 Fashion Addict ?



So true!!!
Dress up and make over! 




and disguise :)



It's true! I would say that it begins even earlier than 5!





How many time I've played that with my 4 years old kid!?!
I did that with her as I was the same age.
2 Lady Gaga at home ;)



Sometimes it begins later, but the lost time is caught up quickly !



 Kate Spade !!
Let me tell you how I discovered Kate Spade...
I was in Minneapolis, USA, this summer and I was staying at a friend's uncle's.
Her girlfriend was here and I told her I was interested in fashion etc...
She told me that her bestfriend was a well known designer which had started out making handbags. Well, I had never heard of Kate Spade before so I didn't really take on her offer on introducing her to me.
But !!! A few days after, when I went to another city, I saw Kate Spade boutiques everywhere in the streets !!! I realized she was actually well known :)
So now I know... :)