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Jeremy Scott ?


Cup of tea

Hi everyone !

So I will be the first one to comment about Jeremy Scott !!

Let's start ! :)

first of all, last Wednesday 's documentary was intersting and many Loic Prigent's dvds are available !
These are named ''the day before" and focus on the making of a collection. They are quite interesting specially the one concerning the italian furs house Fendi.
You can find it here :

Concerning Jeremy Scott's work, I am not a huge fan. I think it's too flamboyant and missing of sophistication.
He is ''thinking'' fashion like Mugler or Montana would do in the 80's. Even if we can recognize an important quantity of work. It is not my cup of tea.
I am waiting for your opinions !!!



At first, I didn't know the designer and maybe I'm wrong but I think that Jeremy Scott is realistic but excentric.
He worries about current news and try to make people aware of it into subjects he choose. 
I dislike his creations because they are to showy but I received the message. His work is impressive and he works for both genders in the same fashion show and I've appreciate it. The catwalk was very simple in "U" so, I think it balances with the fact that his creations were very excentric.
He takes risks.




About J. Scott..

Jeremy Scott dares all daring !  He's original, innovative and avant-garde and his garments were ​​primarily unconventional. I don't particularly like his style because it is too exuberant for me, I will not wear these collections but I think his shows are great entertainment, with a lot of colors. this is festive, gay and playful. Behind each piece, the designer sends a message and defends ideas.
At least, it's unusual, not ordinary and it stands out among other artists, and that's the main and essential thing for an artist to get noticed !




Daring art, but is it Fashion?

I really enjoyed the video viewed in class last wednesday. It gave us a good idea of how crazy and stressfull things get preparing a fashion show, but also that the people preparing it are humain and, just like many of us on a regurlar basis, they get ready last minute for what is coming.

I thought Jeremy Scott's work was interesting, full of meaning and personality. It represents the importance of art in fashion, that like any piece of art the author sends us a message and in his case I think it is very well done. The craftsmanship in the making of the clothing is incredible and demands alot of time and effort (ALOT!).

However my thoughts after seeing this video were: are these clothes wearable? Is there a difference between clothes as a work of art and clothes you will find in stores? The clients of Jeremy Scott's must be open-minded and exentric, willing to send out the same message as him, but will others also dare to buy them? Can you wear his clothes without exposing HIS commitment?

Fashion has, for many years and by many professionals, been viewed as an art in itself. But art often brings forward the artist's point of view and personnal vision. Clothes can be a piece of art because of the work, time and craftsmanship put into it, but also because it sends out a message (some fashion collections are very close to contemporary art ones!). Howerver, when the clothes get too personal and comitted, are they wearable or are they just interesting in a fashion show sort of way??




Jeremy Scott

 Hello, I want to talk about Jeremy Scott.

I knew Jeremy Scott in particular for his collection with Adidas. But to see this documentary, last Tuesday was very pleasant.
He has a lot of imagination and creativity, he has create his universe in colours and it's very funny.

He has create for his collaboration with Adidas original, shoes with cuddly bear.
It's not ordinary and we can not like but we cannot criticize, it is necessary to respect his imagination.
It's very cute to see that.

It's not my style but i like this way of daring.




Jeremy, Jeremy... What a fantastic first name for a fantastic designer.

Mister J. Scott leaves his mark on everyone : on the good or the wrong way. Who doesn't remember the polemic around his shoes with orange handcuff for Adidas which, according to blogers, alluded to slavery. Even though his work could seem a kind of eccentric or extravagant, I found the American designer very interesting insofar as he seems to be involved in its collection while dealing with serious and current themes of our society: war, money or food. He gives us a fringe vision of what is, according to him, fashion: he succeeds in making serious topic colorful and pleasant. That is the reason why I definitely agree with Kelly's speech.

Come on girls, share your ideas !

See you on next Tuesday.


Jérémy B.



Jeremy S.

I didn’t know Jeremy Scoot before having seen the video you show us. It was very interesting, Jeremy scot has a lot of creativity, imagination,  he has created a real world around his collection. We can see that fashion is a religion for him. 

Also, this video permits us to realize how it’s difficult to organize a fashion show like he did. Organization, lasts retouches, management of models: it is a big challenge.

Thank you for giving us funny lessons.

Chloé Francini



Loved the show

Hello everyone !

I didn't know Jeremy Scott before the video. And I have to admit his creations were fantastics and creatives.
The work before the show was huge and I felt like I had the same stress than all the designer team.

I really liked the show and the ambiance !



Like KELLY it's not my style; but it's a real pleasure to see people working with passion ! there is a real research in his creations, creativity and determination are two qualities (of many others I'm sure) that he has. I really enjoyed this video; I never saw a program on him before it was really interesting to see how he was working with his team and how his fashion shows looked like !



Jeremy Scott

 I didn't know about this designer before last week !
Personally, I don't like this kind of style but it's true that he has a huge creativity and seems to be a talented designer.

Gabriel Bataille



Jeremy Scott

 I didn't know about this designer before last week !
Personally, I don't like this kind of style but it's true that he has a huge creativity and seems to be a talented designer.

Gabriel Bataille



What an incredible men !

I didn't know anything about Jeremy scott before ! What an incredible men ! So artistic, so creative. I don't know many things about fashion designers because my school route is very different. 
But seeing all this personnality, creativity confirms me that I took the right decision when I decided to come to learn about fashion. I love this environment, and learn about special personnality like him I very intriguing and interessant !
Jeremy scott is a real visionary, with lot of style ! and he also have a realy good sens of buisness !



 The new partnership between Jeremy Scott and Smart (french link):

Jérémy B.



thank you Jeremy (from class) for the link ! this is awesome !!!

I don't really like Jeremy Scott's products and style. I should say that some teddy sneakers are just SO ugly !
BUT he is unique, with talent and research.



Jeremy Scott

I discovered Jeremy Scott via "Leblogdebetty" a few years ago when she posted a photo of hereself wearing these strange sneakers with an actual teddybear on it. Then, I saw on a several people in the street.
It's very funny and we can see that he is using fashion to deliver a message of lightness.
It seems like everything we wear as an certain importance in society, it shows you are and how you want people to see you. it's like we can't go out without being judged.
Jeremy Scott is breaking the rule, and this is what is great about him and his creations.