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I like that!

For sure your style is your mind!
So be YOURSELF and be CRAZY!
Try some fun in your life and in your style!

With love and madness!



In my opinion, this is totally true.
With a dress, shoes, skirt... you can comunicate your mood of the day or change it : How you want to be today ?
We saw a good exemple during the interview about shoes last course.
By wearing black leather boots, people knows you are in a bad mood and this is not the right time to speak with you.
Each garment is made for a special event... This is a kind of game and everyone wants to play.



Personnality goes with style

I totally agree with this,
Style explain our own personnality without speaking. When you see someone in the street you can analyse immediately who he/she is by looking to his style. But it can be a little wrong sometimes. We get dressed according to our humor, and so we mustn't judge someone somebody on the first impression. Because one day you can be happy, and an other angry...
Imagine, someone met you for the first time when you are in a bad mood, wearing black clothes, without lot of style, but in reality you are a very joyful and simpatique person. His point of view on you can be falsified. It is important to be careful not to make some mistake between who YOU are a this special moment, and who you REALLY are. Clothes can mislead.



I totally agree with this sentence. The simple fact to prefer a color than another prove that we are all different. However I think money has a role in the style. The desired style is not always accessible. Flore is absolutely right, the style just shows the person on the D-Day and not what the person is in the reality. It may cause prejudices. So we don't have to be stopped by the image the person want to show of herself.




 Rachel hits the bull's eye !