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The Bombshell was born in Hollywood, but she got her name in the Pacific Islands. During world War II, posters of Hollywood actresses were sent to troops overseas to help booste moral. Even at home, people needed to distraction from the war. Hollywood was happy to oblige with musical extravaganzas and pin-up posters of their glamorous stars.
After her explosive success in Gilda,
Rita Hayworth became the first literal bombshell when one of her pin-ups was pasted to the first atom bomb tested on Bikini atoll in 1946. Soon after Rita introduced the bikini bathing suit, named after the site of her bombshell fame.

The 1950s called for a different kind of Bombshell, one that acknoledged the country's postwar return to conservative values and traditiopnnal homes and families. Marylin Monroe was the ultimate Blonde Bombshell, all softness and feminity, breathiness and boobs. Her cozy glamour made her the Bomshell-nest-door : unbelievably georgeous yet almost accessible in her all-American sexpot way. Her unique combination of high-gloss beauty and vulnerability makes her the enduring queen of the Bomshell genre.

The Bombshell look is a seductive combination of power and weakness- while a Bombshell has the ability to bowl men over, she can also seem somehow dependent, as if she needs a man's attention to activate her power.